SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in a series of practices and improvements that are carried out to the websites so that these can get a good positioning in search engines as Google, Yahoo and MSN. A good positioning in search engines is important so that your website gets a greater number of potential clients.

The websites should have an adequate structure and design to reach a good positioning in search engines. A good analysis of the business objectives and the texts included in the pages are essential keys in the application of the SEO techniques.

Why is the search engine optimization important?

  • Most of the Internet users use the search engines to find web pages regarding specific topics they are interested in.
  • Many of the Internet users leave the search after the third page of results if they do not find what they were searching.
  • If your web site is listed in the first positions in the results of the search engines, your web site would have a greater chance to be visited by potential customers.


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